Qualities of a Great Surgeon Educator

Jan 26, 2024
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This description of the qualities of a great surgeon educator is universal and applies to any profession. I was lucky to have a great number of individuals who took an interest in my academic development before, during and after my training was complete.

Qualities of a Great Surgeon Educator

He acts kindly from the impulse of his kind heart.

He is brave, because, with a conscience void of offense, he has nothing to fear.

He is never embarrassed because he respects himself and is profoundly conscious of right intentions.

His keeps his honor unstained, and to retain the good opinion of others, he neglects no civility.

He respects even the prejudices of men who he believes are honest.

He opposes without bitterness and yields without admitting defeat.

He is never arrogant, never weak.

He bears himself with dignity, but never haughtily.

Too wise to despise trifles, he is too noble to be mastered by them.

To superiors, he is respectful without servility; to equals courteous; to inferiors kind.

He carries himself with grace in all places, is easy but never familiar, genteel without affection.

He unites gentleness of manner with firmness of mind.

He commands with mild authority, asking favors with grace and assurance.