Chronic Knee Pain? Get a Fast, Accurate Diagnosis with the mi-eye 2™ Needlescope

Dec 02, 2023
 Chronic Knee Pain? Get a Fast, Accurate Diagnosis with the mi-eye 2™ Needlescope
Frustrated with your knee pain and ready for a fast, accurate diagnosis? The mi-eye 2™ might be just what you’re looking for. Read on to find out how it can ease your pain faster!

Maybe you just injured your knee, and you need a quick diagnosis to determine your treatment plan so you can get back on the field or back to work as quickly as possible.

Maybe you’ve been dealing with chronic knee pain for a few years, and you’re tired of waiting any longer to figure out a permanent solution to the pain.

In either case, you want a fast, accurate diagnosis, which is exactly what you’ll get at Carolina Joint and Arthritis, thanks to the expertise of Dr. Austin Yeargan and the innovative mi-eye 2™  needlescope.

Here’s how it works - and more importantly, how it helps you.

Your knee pain

Your knees are superstars when it comes to body parts. They bear the weight of your body, absorbing shock when you’re running, walking, and jumping, and they make the same bending motions over and over again.

Despite their incredible design, all the stress they experience can eventually wear them out, leading to chronic pain, or cause an acute injury, leading to immediate pain. Some of these conditions and injuries include: arthritis, torn meniscus, tendon and ligament issues, fractures, loose bodies, and more.

Symptoms of your knee condition can include swelling, bruising, stiffness, limited motion, and an inability to put weight on your knee. 

How the mi-eye 2  can help

Determining the cause of your knee pain traditionally has taken time. Your doctor will usually order an x-ray, which can be done quickly in the office, and an MRI, which takes more time, as it must be done elsewhere. You might wait days or weeks to get the MRI, and afterward you must go back to your doctor’s office for the results – which might not be conclusive –) before you can begin treatment.

The mi-eye 2 changes all of that. It’s a single use, in-office diagnostic arthroscopy system consisting of a hand-held scope with a sterile needle that connects to a tablet for visualization. Dr. Yeargan can insert the needle in your knee to provide real-time, vivid imaging that can help him give an immediate diagnosis of your issue. 

You don’t need arthroscopic surgery with the mi-eye 2 (it’s a quick, in-office procedure), and there’s no need to waste time scheduling an MRI or trying ineffective treatments. You’ll know exactly what the problem is and can start on a treatment plan right away. This is especially valuable if you need surgery quickly or if you need to start medications, physical therapy, or regenerative treatments soon to provide maximum pain relief.

If you’re ready to get a firm diagnosis and treatment plan for your knee pain, schedule an appointment at Carolina Joint and Arthritis as soon as possible. You can call our Wilmington, NC, office at 910-659-9597, or book your appointment online. It’s time to deal with your knee pain!